Pre Planning your Final Celebration

October 7th, 2011


Life is a preparation of pre-planning,  we plan for the birth of a child,  how that child will be raised, their educational path, straight into adult hood.  We make plans for careers,  purchasing of a home, marriage, vacations and retirement.  However we fail to pre-plan for our final act. 

Pre  planning your funeral removes the risk of your family members having different views on the event of

your transition, it  ensures that your wishes will be respected and carried through.  By creating a plan,

writing it down, and communicating your plan and its objectives to the people who will be impacted by your

death.  Pre  planning doesn't remove or avoid grief, but it can help us to cope with grief in an unselfish matter

by carrying out our loved ones last wishes for their final celebration of life. 


My oldest daughter Ashley, grandmother Nana Yaa prepared an Irrevocable Trust in October 2002.

Including within her trust document she advise us of her last wishes, from instructions on cremation;

services; along with other detail that she wanted carried out were listed for us to follow thru on.  Nana

Yaa took the time of selecting the person that would take the responsibility of caring out her final

wishes coupled with her legal will,  by doing this she ensured herself that her wishes would be respected

by the law and by those she loved. 


On July 3rd of 2004, Nana Yaa passed away. I was left with carrying out her last wishes.  By pre-planning

and communicate her plans with me, I was able to carry out her wishes knowing that she did it her way.

By doing this, she was able meet the social and emotional needs of her survivors. Yes we did grieve for

the lost of Nana Yaa,  however we were not stress out or making expensive arrangements, when it

clearly states within her trust document this was not what she wants at all.  


By assisting Nana Yaa, she gave me a since of pre  planning my funeral plans and communicate with my

daughter my wishes for my end of life celebration. 

I'm sharing this information with families and friends of the emotional relief of stress on one’s family when

you pre  plan your funeral.


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